Quilting with Lawn - Tips & Tricks!

Happy 2016 friends!  We hope you all had a festive and joyous holiday season and welcomed in  the new year with lots of excitement and love.  We have so many exciting things planned for the new year and we're thrilled to kick 2016 off with our Lawn Quilt Contest.  Follow this link to learn all about the contest!

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We know that many of you may have never quilted with lawn before and it probably sounds a little intimidating, but it's not!  Promise!  We thought some tips on how to work with this light and airy textile of delight would help to take away any of your quilty jitters.  

Here’s an amazing excerpt from our Alexia Abegg’s book, "Liberty Love", which is loaded with tons of great tips for sewing and quilting with lovely lawn: (With some photos of one of our favorite lawn quilts so far by Fancy Tiger's, Jaime.)

"I frequently combine Liberty of London Lawn with other weights of fabrics. Through experimentation I have learned how easy it is to combine them. Below are a few tips and special techniques that have worked in my sewing room. 

  • Prewash Lawn so that the fabric becomes slightly less slippery and a little easier to handle. It is important when combining Lawn with fabrics of a different weight or with a different fiber content to prewash not only the lawn but the other fabrics as well. 
  • If your project is primarily Lawn and lightweight fabrics, use a size 70/10 sewing machine needle, universal or sharp. If you are combining Lawn with heavier fabrics and interfacings, use a size 90/14 sharp needle.
Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 9.06.40 AM.png
  • If a project uses silk or sheer fabric in combination with Lawn, use a lightweight cotton thread, such as Mettler fine embroidery or Aurifil cotton thread instead of polyester all- purpose thread (which is my usual choice for most sewing). I find that the cotton threads help the seams to lie flatter and press nicely, without puckering.
  • If you want to beef up the Lawn and make it stronger, thicker, and more stable for pairing with a heavier fabric, you can underline it with cotton voile, lawn, batiste, or muslin. Cut the exact same pieces from a lawn or batiste as from the Lawn. Hand baste the underlining to the outer fabric’s wrong side around the outer edges in the seam allowance. You can also add body with a fusible lightweight to midweight interfacing. I like Bi-Stretch Lite by Pellon, Shape-Flex, and French Fuse interfacing. 


  • For quilts with lighter-colored Lawn in combination with regular quilting cotton, press seams toward the quilting cotton to prevent the seams from showing through the lightweight Lawn fabric.
  • When quilting with Lawn, I like to starch my fabrics first. This gives them a little more tooth, to grab and stick to the other fabrics, as well as keeping things still for lining up seams precisely. 
  • Last, on creative combinations of fabrics, be adventurous. When embarking on a new project, the first and most exciting step, or the most daunting, can be selecting fabrics. I think you will see that it is possible to combine Lawn prints with new and current fabrics from quilting and fashion to achieve many different looks. From edgy and fashion forward to soft and pretty, the Lawn prints can be enhanced and transformed by the fabrics with which you pair them. "

We truly hope these little tips were helpful and we can't wait to see what you make!