Lucky Strikes Quilt

To finish of our week of pattern posts, we'd like to introduce Kim Kight's Lucky Strikes quilt pattern!

Though she has helped shape and influence the modern fabric and quilting scene through her blog True Up, at heart Kim is a traditional quilter, and vintage fabrics and feedsacks have always been her main interest. 

The selvedge of Kim Kight’s new collection, Lucky Strikes, reads “Tuesday Night Ladies’ Bowling League 1972”. 

This collection tells a fanciful story of a 1970’s working-class women’s bowling team, complete with big hair and matching team shirts. Kim’s love for bowling may have begun as early as when her mom, while pregnant with Kim, bowled 8 strikes in a row on her league! 

Lucky Strikes features tiny bowling pins, strike symbols, good luck charms, a scorecard print, whimsical dots and plaids, and tiny calico florals. 

There is even a print with the imagined names of players on competing bowling teams. In this print, Kim snuck in the grandmothers’ names of each of the Cotton+Steel designers, in her ongoing effort to honor past generations of sewers. This collection also features 2 cotton lawn prints: perfect for your team bowling shirts.

Volcano Quilt Pattern

Today's pattern is the Volcano Quilt designed by Sarah Watts featuring her Honeymoon collection!

Sarah is know for her narrative, vintage-inspired pen and ink illustrations. Her third collection for Cotton+Steel, Honeymoon, is based on the sketches she made while on her honeymoon trip to Costa Rica in 2011.

Her selvedge reads “sketches and memories from Costa Rica”, and these fabrics playfully capture the lush Costa Rican landscape; hummingbirds feeding in the early morning flowers, horse rides through the mountains, sloths, iguanas, and toucans in the jungle, and bats flying in the trees above hot springs at dusk.

Although most of these stories are told on quilting cotton, Sarah also included 3 rayon prints that would be perfect for breezy dresses.

This collection has a playful yet sophisticated palette that is perfect for kids and adults. Sarah hopes to bring a little bit of the beauty and sweetness of Costa Rica to your home.

As always, this collection mixes well with the other Cotton + Steel prints, and blend seamlessly with our existing basics and solids. 

Windmill Quilt Pattern

Hi friends!  Next up is the Windmill Quilt featuring Zephyr designed by Rashida Coleman-Hale! 

Rashida Coleman-Hale’s latest collection, Zephyr, is inspired by the wind in all it’s forms, from gentle breezes to blustery gales. 

Her selvedge reads, “Sometimes the wind will take you.” 

These new prints are as varied as the wind, featuring quirky and simple motifs that capture the spirit of air in natural motion. 

There are children holding pinwheels and kites, delightful cloud characters, Japanese wind chimes and dandelions blowing in the breeze, graphic hand-painted stripes, and even wind barbs, symbols used on weather maps to show wind direction and speed.

The colors of this collection range from sweet and serene to bold and vibrant, and Rashida has prints on quilting cotton, cotton/linen canvas, and our new rayon.

Paper Bandana Quilt Pattern

Happy Monday!  Let's start the week off with Paper Bandana by Alexia Marcelle Abegg of Green Bee Design and Patterns!

For Alexia Abegg’s Spring collection, Paper Bandana, she drew inspiration from Kirigami, a Japanese paper cutting craft. Alexia painted and drew these geometric motifs with a loose hand for an earthy, handmade look. The focal print, Paper Cuts, is printed on Cotton + Steel’s beautiful unbleached quilting cotton.

The two larger scale colorways of Paper Cuts, on cotton/linen canvas, are printed with gorgeous detail true to Alexia’s original watercolor paintings.

She also has two prints on rayon, our newest substrate, adding even more variety to the Cotton + Steel prints that are made for garment sewing. 

As Alexia was designing this collection, she was thinking of mason jars full of flowers from a summer garden, botanicals from vintage indigo-dyed bandanas, big brushstrokes, and sweet panda bears. Alexia’s selvage reads “zinnia, jam jar, paper cut, knapsack, posy.”

Alexia continues to create watercolors and drawings as the foundation of her artwork with her third collection. The quality of printing and translation from watercolor painting to finished fabric is thanks to Cotton + Steel’s commitment to printing at the best facilities in Japan. The detail achieved on fabric captures the depth of the original artwork. 

Picnic Quilt Pattern

Our new Spring 2015 collections are finally shipping and we're so excited to see what you make with them!  In celebration of our new blog and new collections we'll be sharing our free downloadable quilt patterns that each designer created for their collections. 

To get the ball rolling, let's start with Melody Miller's Picnic Quilt!

Melody is well known for her vintage-inspired fabric designs. This new collection for Spring 2015 is called Picnic. On her selvedge, Melody included an illustration of an ant telling her friend “I sewed something pretty for you!” Sewers who enjoy adding selvedges to their projects can include this segment on gifts for family and friends. 

Picnic includes a whimsical lineup of picnic baskets, colorful apples, big painterly roses, vintage enamel flowers, and prints that reference picnic blankets and marching ants. The group also includes two lawn prints called Sunday Dress that are perfect for garments.

The two canvas prints in this group are additional versions of the picnic baskets and the apples, with the apples appearing on a larger scale. These prints will make perfect pillows, bags, kitchen decor, and accessories.

Picnic was designed to coordinate well with the other Cotton+Steel collections, including both 2014 collections and our basics. These prints are suitable for not only quilting, but apparel, accessories, and home decor.