Fall 2015 Video

Preparing for quilt market always includes a brief get together to film our video for the season.  Melody's husband, Greg Miller comes to the studio and does the filming and photography for us. This time we decided we would do wall hangings as our theme and we're so in love with how it turned out.  (Huge THANK YOU to the super awesome Deborah Moebes of Whipstitch for whipping up these panels for us.  We heart you!) You can see each collection's wall hangings in the slideshow below. 

One of the things we enjoy doing most during our shoot, is laying out our current collections in a spectrum. We cut out 10 x 10's of each print, press them, fold them, and organize them by color. 

We like to do a practice run before Greg shoots the real thing.  Melody and Sarah are taking this very seriously.  As am I.  Obviously. 

Next, Greg gets the overhead photo!

Sarah makes a few adjustments. 

Penny checks Sarah's work. 

And voila! The final result! Isn't it lovely?

Check out the full video below! Enjoy!