Stained Fabrics??!

Don't panic. *hides pitchforks and torches*

One of our original inspirations for the Bluebird collection was a group of vintage Japanese fabrics that were beautifully aged, complete with the watermarks and discolorations that occur on fabric naturally over time. 

We were so stricken with these fabrics – the aging process had only made them more beautiful.  

With that in mind, we decided to include a supporting print that would lend the depth and richness of watermarks and aging to our Bluebird quilts.

We designed this print for piecing only.  You shouldn't make a dress with it.  There's plenty of area without the textures if that's your preference, but we included some pretty dramatic watermarks for those of you who want to use them.

This print retails for only $175.00 per yard.  What? Intentionally aged fabrics are expensive!  Okay, just kidding, this print is the same retail price as all our other cottons.

Let's just call it our version of jeans with holes. Don't say you've never bought them. Speaking of holes, have you seen what Kanye's been up to lately?

This sweater is only $2600, friends. Maybe Kanye personally made the holes in each sweater? :P

Well, we leave you with this internet gem.........