Volcano Quilt Pattern

Today's pattern is the Volcano Quilt designed by Sarah Watts featuring her Honeymoon collection!

Sarah is know for her narrative, vintage-inspired pen and ink illustrations. Her third collection for Cotton+Steel, Honeymoon, is based on the sketches she made while on her honeymoon trip to Costa Rica in 2011.

Her selvedge reads β€œsketches and memories from Costa Rica”, and these fabrics playfully capture the lush Costa Rican landscape; hummingbirds feeding in the early morning flowers, horse rides through the mountains, sloths, iguanas, and toucans in the jungle, and bats flying in the trees above hot springs at dusk.

Although most of these stories are told on quilting cotton, Sarah also included 3 rayon prints that would be perfect for breezy dresses.

This collection has a playful yet sophisticated palette that is perfect for kids and adults. Sarah hopes to bring a little bit of the beauty and sweetness of Costa Rica to your home.

As always, this collection mixes well with the other Cotton + Steel prints, and blend seamlessly with our existing basics and solids.